Joe's 2012 NFL Preseason Preview: Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns

August 30, 2012

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Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 NFL Preseason Preview: Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns

If it seems like preseason has gone on too long and that the regular season should be just around the corner, you’re right! Tonight the Bears are in Cleveland to take on the Browns in their final exhibition game before shit gets serious. Now let’s cover what I've decided should be named Scrub Wars 4: Vendetta Blood Party.

-“Jay, you sit the hell down.” Honestly. Don’t even get near the field. I could not be more serious about this. Cutler, Peppers, Marshall, Forte, Briggs, and anyone else even remotely important should be warming the crap out of that bench tonight. Let the scrubs get in and take all those precious reps, because they’re likely not going to see an NFL field this season unless something goes horribly wrong.

-O-Line Chemistry. Yeah, every starter should be on the sidelines except these guys. I don’t care how much practice time they’re gonna get before week one. I should see most of this line play into the second quarter. Why? Because I still don’t trust them as a unit. So until I do, they should play.

-Special teamers. You know it’s the fourth preseason game when you’re talking about rounding out your special teams unit. ‘Cause you can’t have your talented players running full speed and trying to blow through three blockers and then mangle a runner who also has a full head of steam. You need scrubs for that job. And this is where you find them. (Why am I so sarcastically cranky today?)

-Stay healthy! Much like my first point, everyone just needs to get out of this game in one piece. Give me plenty of effort, sure, but don’t injure yourself (or anyone else) in the process. You can’t make the roster if you can’t play.

And that’s all he wrote! Enjoy the game tonight. I’ll be back soon with season previews! (IT’S COMING!!!)

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