Joe's 2012 NFL Gameday Preview: Indiapolis Colts at Chicago Bears

September 09, 2012

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Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 NFL Gameday Preview: Indiapolis Colts at Chicago Bears

Hey, there’s a Bears game to be previewed today! If you’re back with me this season, you know this is where I break down match-ups and give my soft prediction for the outcome. (Picking NFL games is for the birds. Or for those guys who get paid more than me and are on TV. Dicks.) Anyways, the Andrew Luck-led Colts head to Chicago to meet with the Bears in week one of the NFL season. It’s time.

(0-0) Indianapolis Colts at
(0-0) Chicago Bears

The Offense

In their proper introduction to the rest of the NFL world, Jay Cutler and the new-look Chicago Bears offense are primed to light it up. Cutty gets to shred a piss-poor defense in the first game into a scheme change, and he has new toys to show off. Corner Vontae Davis will see action against Brandon Marshall, but without help over the top he can’t win that match-up one-on-one. Don’t be surprised to see an early deep throw just to warn/test the Colt secondary. Indy has good pass-rushers in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, but the Bear tackles are going to get help most of the afternoon on at least one of them. If Chicago allows one of those ends/outside linebackers to get going, it’d just be poor game planning. And while the passing game will find its mark, I’m expecting Matt Forte to have a huge day in his first legitimate action since his deal. Cutler will have this offense clicking on nearly all cylinders.

The Defense

Andrew Luck isn’t Peyton Manning. But that doesn’t mean he won’t have a decent day in his first NFL start. Luck has certainly been briefed all week on the weaknesses in the cover-two and will know exactly how to exploit it. And I know he’ll be looking down the middle of the defense early and often in order to really put Brian Urlacher’s knee to the test. Julius Peppers should get some pressure off the edge against tackles Anthony Costonzo and Winston Justice, but he’ll need help to really get in Luck’s face. Charles Tillman will be all over Reggie Wayne today in an excellent competition on the outside.

Message to the Bears

Bring out all the artillery Mike Tice. It’s time to show what kind of damage this offense can do.

The Odds

Chicago is currently a 9.5 point favorite.

The Prediction

That’s a lot of points to lay down, but I feel confident the Bears can do it. I’m seeing a 24-13 finish. (Or it could get much worse.) 

And BOOM! The first Gameday Preview of the season! Bear Down and Happy Jay Cutler Day!

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