6 October 2010

Hey gang!

I am excited as the new NBA season approaches. The preseason started last night and that means that we are less than four weeks away from the start of the season. I've got my Gamecenter online so that I can watch games with my computer. I'll spend time on this blog talking about what games I've watched and other exciting news and notes from the NBA. 

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7 July 2010

After being left out in the cold by Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, John Paxson and GM Gar Forman have struck back in the LeBron sweepstakes, signing free agent power forward Carlos Boozer to a 5, year, $80 million contract according to ESPN. 

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3 July 2009

With the top 4 teams in the league last year making ALL the big moves so far this off-season(Boston excluded so far because they haven't signed sheed yet, but they will be getting a healthy Garnett ba

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21 February 2009

After all the Amar’e Stoudemire chatter and the Chris Bosh rumors, GM John Paxson and the Chicago Bulls have once again failed to pull the trigger and bring a big name to the windy city. They did however; make three trades in the last two days of dealing, receiving two former Bulls in return. Here’s my take on what were reported as Paxson’s last transactions.

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21 January 2009

It's odd, I have my site at, and I have only posted one thing NBA related. Well, how about I make it two? 

On MLK night, the Lakers took it the Cavs. If this game didn't showcase why the Lakers are the best team in the league right now, I don't know what does. For the average person who just looks at the NBA as a whole, the Lakers are the team right now. But, as Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend. Breaking it down, here are my rankings for teams that I think have the best shot at winning the championship. 

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12 January 2009

We always here about things like this happening in another town in a different county or in a different state altogether; events that have no bearing to our lives whatsoever. We walk into another school while on a basketball trip and see a glass case perched on a wall close to the entrance which has an asortment of different items arranged around a picture set in the middle. The pictures differ from town to town, sometimes it may be just a normal school picture of a student with small heirlooms hanging around the image, other times it may be a student's athletic picture and his or her varsity letter nearby. There always seems to be a small passage included that can be read, describing the person's life and passions. In every case though, the glass case holds the same meaning, a memorandum of a life taken too early.

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7 January 2009

I may be an over-the-top, totally subjective fan, but I know where to draw the line. Yes, I am always totally optimistic when it comes to my favorite teams, but when I sit down and think clearly about the broad outlook of things, I can do it objectively, and I hope I got the subjective and objective terms right and used them correctly.

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7 December 2008

The Los Angeles Lakers play the best three periods of any team in the league.

Too bad there's four in an NBA game.

I don't know how necessary it is to really explain myself again regarding how the fourth quarter defense- or, rather, lack thereof- is tell-tale sign that any ordering of purple and gold confetti for the Staples Center in June might be premature.

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3 December 2008

The Lakers were not the only team in the NBA last night to give up 30+ points in the fourth quarter. Every team that did lost, including the Toronto Raptors who gave up 30+ in EVERY quarter.

 I have said that for the Lakers to show the world that they are serious title contenders they should win this game (among others). I still stand by that statement.

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29 November 2008

Anyone happen to catch that Laker-Mavs game last night?

Anyone else notice another game the Lakers were trailing in and somehow come out with a win?

Yeah, I know they were at home and Dallas is a team that no one really knows what to expect from, but they were on a five game winning streak coming in.

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28 November 2008

The Houston Rockets are coming off a hard fought 1 point loss to the Indiana Pacers this past Wednesday at Toyota Center. The Yellow and blue stunned the home town team by scoring often and late snapping the Rockets' three game winning streak. The loss soured the return of forward Shane Battier who made his season debut after missing the first 15 games of the season due to inflammation in his surgically-repaired left ankle.

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28 October 2008

I just can't figure out how NBA reffing goes. Kobe got a million calls in the Jazz series with similar physical play, but then, when facing Boston, he gets none. I remember a million calls for a one Dwayne Wade against the Dallas Mavericks as well. All fans want is consistency. I realize that reffing is a tough gig. Impossibly tough. But it isn't tough to stay consistent. 

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9 October 2008

On Saturday night, the Phoenix Suns will face the Denver Nuggets outside at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden (home to Pacific Life Open--one of the major events on the men's and women's pro tours) in a pre-season match-up. This is only the second time in NBA's history that a game will be played outdoors. The first being a 1972 preseason game where the Suns defeated the Bucks in San Juan, Puerto Rico at a baseball stadium.

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30 August 2008

Was watching video footage of the Friday night game between the Astros and the Cardinals. Lance Berkman, on the pitch right before his walk-off homer, hit a foul home run to right field.

I wonde

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26 August 2008

Why Team USA Almost Lost....

Defense: Going into these Olympic games, there were a few basic concerns for Team USA on the defensive end.  How would an undersized US team defend the post with only one and a half centers (Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh) and how would they effectively defend the perimeter against hot shooting European or Latin American teams?  In the gold medal game against Spain, Team USA’s defense was horrific.  While it seemed this team had gotten progressively better defensively throughout the Olympics, Team USA allowed Spain to shoot over 60% from the floor in the first half.  Marc Gasol was having his way on the inside.  Spain repeatedly ran alley-oop, pick and rolls which the U.S. was unable to stop.  Juan Carlos Navarro scored at will with running jump shots, breaking down whoever was covering him.  And future NBAer Rudy Fernandez, 7-13 from the floor, looked like he could have started for the Americans.  In the final game, rather than rely on their defense, which to date had been their staple, Team USA counted on their offense to bail them out.

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14 August 2008

When the original Dream Team tore through the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, it was like the Beatles reunited.  With the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Clyde Drexler suiting up, the team touted so much star power that opposing teams didn’t mind getting drubbed by over forty points a game.  Although a gold medal for Team USA was a forgone conclusion before the games even began, the team was still a joy to watch.  It was arguably the greatest sports team ever assembled. 

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13 August 2008


Pau Gasol is seven feet tall but he just got taller in my eyes.

Gasol and his teammates on Spain's Olympic team was put in an embarassing position this week of having to explain why they agreed to pose for an advertisement that reflected a racist tone.


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29 July 2008

The 2008 Beijing Olympics is upon us and decorated swimmer Michael Phelps is not the only recognizable American hoping to return home with gold.  There are twelve other American athletes, the men who comprise Team USA Basketball, who this time travel to China with a chip on their shoulders, for they are no longer considered the best in their sport.  On August 10th, Team USA Basketball officially begins their quest for Olympic gold, a shot at redemption and the right to once again proclaim that America’s brand of basketball is the best on the planet. 

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1 July 2008

Now that the no-drama of the number one pick is behind him, Bulls GM John Paxson has a pretty big problem on his hands: he's overloaded at two positions.

He has a wealth of power forwards, but unfortunately, none are the "bruising in the post" sort.

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16 June 2008

I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed. How do the Bulls really justify their selection of Vinny Del Negro as head coach? Mike D'Antoni has an impressive record from his time in Phoenix. He, along with Steve Nash, brought that team up from the cellar of the NBA to one of its elite teams. Doug Collins had at least a variety of head coaching experiences and has a grasp on how he likes to run teams.

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6 June 2008

-Sam Cassell gave me a scare. He came out and swished his first shot and I remember thinking that Sammy had this look on his face, “I’m here. This is my time, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Forget the rest of the playoffs, this is all I care about.” Gave me chills. Got me real, real scared.

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5 June 2008

It's shocking to me that the Bulls and Doug Collins haven't gotten together yet. It's as though owner Jerry Reinsdorf bought Collins a drink, chatted him up, then got his phone number, and then puts in a few calls without asking him on a date. It's a good thing there aren't many other suitors, otherwise Doug would have moved on by now.

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2 June 2008

As Kobe and the gang put the finishing touches on their astounding 4-1 series victory over the defending champion San Antonio Spurs, I began to wonder "Could Detroit or Boston really beat L.A.?"

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30 May 2008

In their Thursday 3-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, the Houston Astros did something again that worries me: giving up first-inning runs.

Astros ace Roy Oswalt, still not completely in his groove yet, gave up two first-inning runs. He would give up only one other run--a sixth-inning home run to Albert Pujols (I'm guessing Pujols confused Roy O for former Astros closer Brad Lidge). Houston hit two homers--one by Lance Berkman and one by Carlos Lee. Unfortunately, both were solo shots.

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29 May 2008

Did Derek Fisher foul Brent Barry? Did the San Antonio Spurs get robbed of a victory? Is the NBA leaning heavily towards a Boston Celtics-L.A. Lakers NBA Finals matchup?

The answers: Yes. No. Yes.

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I have to wonder how Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson (or Phillip, as former one-time Laker Isaiah Rider once called him) is handling this. Jackson whines about NBA officiating the way the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield whined about getting no respect or, for a better example, the way billionaire Warren Buffett might whine about having to pay a 50-cent overdue fee on a library book. You remember: if a defender got within the same area code of Michael Jordan, he was called for a foul. If Jordan fouled while on defense, at worst an offensive charge would be called. When the referees did call fouls on Jordan, Jackson would gripe. He also griped when the referees actually called fouls on former Laker Shaquille O'Neal and current Laker Kobe Bryant.

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19 May 2008


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13 May 2008

If this trend continues then Boston fans have nothing to worry about.  With home court advantage throughout the playoffs the Celtics have the inside track to the NBA title.  I have never seen anything like this before.  Home court advantage is obviously important, it is why teams play the whole regular season and it’s why Major League Baseball puts it up for grabs every July in the All-Star game.  But I didn’t know that playing in front of your home crowd mattered this much. 

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18 April 2008

            Yesterday I chose the Detroit Pistons to come out of the East.  It was a very difficult call between then and the Boston Celtics and I do believe the Celtics are the better team but as I said I think their energy will run out.  The Celtics played every game like it was the NBA Finals this season and like the Mavericks last year it will cost them in the playoffs.  Today I discuss the other side of the bracket and tell you how the West will be won and who will win it.

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17 April 2008

They are finally here.  After months of riveting basketball and a Western Conference race that went down to the last night of the season, they are here.  Of course, I would be talking about the 2008 NBA Playoffs.  The playoffs that have a chance to be the best in a long time.  When was the last time a 50-win team is an 8 seed and has basically no chance of winning their first round season?  When was the last time 2 of the best teams in the lead and 2 of the 5 teams that have a chance at winning it all, met in the first round?  Forget all of that, when was the last time people were excited to begin the 2 month stretch for the title?  Before any of this can begin we must take a look at each series and make some (gulp!!!) predictions.

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9 April 2008

Very rarely does an MVP race turn out the way last year’s American League race did.  A no-brainer.  It was obvious to see that Alex Rodriguez would win and by a large margin.  Usually there are two or three candidates and you can make a case for all of them.  This years MVP race in the National Basketball Association is no different then the AL race last season though, it’s just no one sees it.  There are seven or eight people who you could make a strong case for but picking the winner is easier then people think.  That’s only if you use my way of finding the true MVP.

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7 April 2008

With just a little over a week remaining in the NBA season, let's get a jump on who should win the individual awards. The envelope please...

MVP: KOBE BRYANT, LAKERS. During the MJ era, voters kept finding excuses not to give the MVP to Michael Jordan.  Now, it's Kobe's turn to get the Jordan rule..."you're too good so let's give someone else the award" treatment. I thought Kobe should have won MVP two years ago when he averaged 35 points a game and had the defining moment of the season when he torched Toronto for 81 points. It was only the second highest scoring game in NBA history. But the scribes thought the Lakers' record was too weak to validate Bryant as a most valuable player. So, they gave the Maurice Podoloff trophy to Dirk Nowitzki last year and Steve Nash...TWICE! Ten, fifteen or 20 years from now, we're all going to look back and scratch our heads and try to explain to our grandkids how in the world Nowitzki and Nash win MVP when Kobe was clearly the dominant player of that era.


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31 March 2008

     Battles between titans are always filled with their share of anticipation, but rarely do the opponents bring in so much shared history as in the Final Four slugfest-to-be that is Kansas vs. North Carolina.  Besides giving college sports fans one of the greatest championship games in history in 1957 when the Tarheels defteated Wilt Chamberlin and the Jayhawks 54-53 in triple overtime, the entwined history of these two powerhouses that follows should lead to one of the most anticipated Final Four matchups in history.

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6 March 2008

March 6th, 1964.

Tom O'Hara of Illinois finished the indoor mile in under four minutes 44 years ago today.


Myself, I keep an eight-minute pace and I've never just tried to race a mile. It might be an interesting undertaking, if you're into punishment from the pavement like myself anyhow.

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4 March 2008

There's nothing quite like it. Cheap ticket prices, amazing warm weather, the smell of hot dogs & freshly cut grass on the baseball diamond in February and early March. It's that time of the year again with Spring Training rolling around and getting us all excited for the upcoming 2008 MLB season. It's also time to make some bold predictions for the long season ahead of us. Of course with injuries, the inevitability of a surprise team, and a little lack of better judgement, predicting the MLB season is incredibly difficult to do. However, after looking at all the new free agent pickups, new coaches, and using basic instinct, I've come up with my predictions for the 2008 season. Some of my predictions may sound crazy, but the baseball season usually plays out that way, I mean who predicted the Rockies to go that far last season? Enjoy, because it's sure to cause some argument.

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2 March 2008

With plenty of activity within the past week involving Free Agent signings (& trades) in the NFL, lots of names get lost in the shuffle.  I've taken some time to recap all the free agent signings so far with the big names and the not so big names and briefly analyze if it is a good move, ok move or bad move for the team. Pro Bowl LB Briggs re-signs with Bears

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25 February 2008

They usually are video montages of NBA players, reading to kids, handing out presents, helping build walls or running basketball camps. NBA Cares is the League's social responsibility initiative where teams and players have committed millions of hours of time and dollars to serving the community.

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21 February 2008


If Kobe Bryant is not named MVP this season then there is something seriously wrong with the voting process.

After his 41-point masterpiece against Phoenix in Shaquille O'Neal's Suns debut last Wednesday, I saw a player who is on a mission. I saw a player who has dropped the "hot dog" off his plate and has become more efficient on offense and equally determined on defense. The Kobester looks totally zoned in on winning another NBA title!

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18 February 2008

I've always thought Superman is white, wears red boots, stands 6-foot-4 and resides in Metropolis. Now, I know he's black, wears white Adidas TS, stands 6-foot-11 and lives in Orlando.

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10 February 2008

It's been a closely watched season of careful observation but I'm sure now of what I've seen. I haven't seen it since about 1987 but there is no doubt about it now. After 20 years there are finally some genuine Celtics wearing the Celtic uniforms.

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I call myself the Sports Sage so that should give you a clue as to just how dumb I really am when it comes to actual sports knowledge. I watch sports because they are exciting, inspirational and free on TV. They happen in real time and have predictable commercials. Often we get to ooh and Ahhh at things that we will almost never be able to do while watching grown up people like us at play. Its a lot more fun than watching regular people like us work.

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6 February 2008

Apparently the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns have agreed on a trade that would send Shaquille O'Neal to Phoenix in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. I believe this is simply a knee-jerk reaction to the Los Angeles Lakers' acquisition of Pau Gasol (a brilliant move by L.A., by the way) and do not see how this trade can make sense from the Suns' vantage point.

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29 January 2008

The votes are in and I have issues. No, I'm not talking presidential primaries. I'm referring to the naming of the NBA All-Star Game starters. The fans, for the most part, got it right but with one glaring omission. Chris Paul should be a starting guard on the Western Conference team when all-star weekend hits New Orleans on Feb. 17.

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27 January 2008

Call me a traitor to women everywhere, but I don’t want chocolates, flowers, or lingerie. Please don’t expect me to get excited about dinner and a movie. Don’t be surprised when I scoff at the notion of taking a limousine ride to some “romantic location”. Seriously, I won’t even get mad if you completely forget that it is Valentine’s Day. Chances are, I’ll forget myself until the day is almost over and I look at the date.

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23 January 2008

I remember when Shaq came on the scene as the big guy on the Orlando Magic. He had the silly rap and the even sillier movies but was quite an admirable player. When he came to Los Angeles to play for my hometown Lakers – I was so pumped! The Big Aristotle was awesome to watch and added to the mystique and legend of the team.

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6 January 2008

Growing up in Los Angeles, the only team that anyone ever talked about when it came to the NBA was the Los Angeles Lakers. I remember the whole city being completely obsessed when it came to Lakers basketball. Billboards, commercials, and fast-food promotions further shoved the team into the forefront of everyone’s mind. Popular bands wrote songs about them and select celebrities lined the courtside seats.

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30 December 2007

While attending college at the University of Tampa, I noticed the awesome fact that the area is rich in professional sports! The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are relatively close to each other and easily accessible. The closest NBA was the Orlando Magic, but I got to catch a pre-season game at the Ice Palace one year. I felt really spoiled since I grew up in a place where everything was much more spread out and harder to get tickets for. To make things even better – there was plenty of golf and tennis around. I only wish the USF Bulls were as good as they are now when I was there. I didn’t complain though, I was able to go to the games free since my school didn’t have football. (They did at one time; John Matuszak is a U Tampa alum!)

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28 December 2007

What has happened to the NBA that I grew up with? I must admit, I have paid less attention to my Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA in general in the last season or two. Even so, I really feel like there is something missing.

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24 December 2007

The National Basketball Association exhibits two kinds of NBA players.  One is the wildebeast. The other is the lion.  What do you mean?

I mean that there are players in the National Basketball Association's Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trailblazers, Los Angeles Clippers, Seattle Sonics, Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, New Orleans, and I apologize if I left anyone out, who cow towe to team owners, peer groups, and making money, glitz, glamor, being effeminate, etc.  There are also professional basketball players who cow towe to their concept of self.  They always go to their strength.  Their strength resides in their hearts and minds. They believe in who they are because they know who they are.  Money, team owners, peer groups, glitz, glamor, being effeminate, etc. are particles of dust when juxtaposing them to their desire to perform to their greatest abilities as a professional basketball player.

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21 December 2007

Denver Nugget, Carmelo Anthony, smiled when he was fouled by a San Antonio Spurs player during a game last week.  Meanwhile, a Spur rebounded Anthony's shot.  He whizzed a pass to a teammate.  The teammate passed to another teammate.  Then, a Spur dunked the ball.

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